Create a Team

Want to join the league? We’d love to have you. Ultimately we’d love for everyone to find a team. Unfortunately, we are limited by fields and referee availability so we have capped the league at it’s current number (30 teams, 6 women teams). Don’t get too down, we have a waiting list and typically 1-2 teams drop every season. Here is some general information about our league.

Send an email to league-office[at] with your intentions to join the league and you’ll be added to the back of the list. As the next season (spring or fall) approaches I will send an email out asking if you still have interest.

Typically, we tell teams to collect their money as if you are in the league. It will be a last minute effort to get you in the league if somebody drops at the last minute. Last year’s fees are as follows:


$125/$75 – Forfeit Deposit. One time fee. Covers no-show forfeits. this must be replenished only if you don’t show up for a game and don’t tell anybody!

$875/$600 – League Fees.  Pays for everything from Referees to Fields.

$45/$25 – State Registrar Fee. Pays the registrar that prints the cards. This is usually payable once per year and is typically in the Fall.

$22 Per Player Fee. This is for your state player card. This makes us legitimate and gets you, the refs, and the league insurance.

Below is an example only of both an Open and Women’s team trying to enter the league.

Open Team of 20

$875 – League Fees
$125 – One time deposit
$45 – State Fee
$440 = 20 * $22 – Player Cards
$1485 Total or roughly $75 per player (NOTE: Fees are subject to change.)

Women’s Team of 13

$286 = 13 * $22
$986 or roughly $76 per player (NOTE: Fees are subject to change.)

Also, don’t forget about uniforms. they are required, but you are on your own to get those!