Recreational Depts. / Fields

City of Huntsville Alabama LogoThe City of Huntsville, Recreational Services (COHRS) supplies the majority of playing facilities for HASL. Should you wish to schedule a field or report a problem, you may contact any of the people listed on this page. They will be able to tell you the availability and playability of the fields under their direction as well as fix problems such as access and lighting issues. If all contact methods fail pertaining to your specific field, you may contact the COHRS Security.


Merrimack Park

Bell Mountain Park

Goldsmith-Schiffman Field

Sandra Moon East – (Old Grissom High School) Football Field at the back of the school. 

Mastin Lake Park –  Enter on Buttery Drive off of Mastin Lake Drive.  DO NOT USE WATSON DRIVE

Old Johnson High School – Old Football Field

McGucken Park Football Field





Phone: 256.883.3903
Contact: Merrimack Supervisor


COHRS Security

Phone: 256.427.5660