Most procedures are outlined in the HASL Rules

Other procedures that are frequently needed are listed here for convenience. Consult the BY-LAWS for the latest. Use the drop down menus at the top or follow the links below to see individual procedures for Roster management, complaints, game cancellations, insurance claims, and schedule requests.

Release Form

The United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) which the Alabama Soccer Association (ASA) and HASL are members of will now require all member associations and leagues have all players registered with such leagues sign the attached “RELEASE OF LIABILITY” prior to each season. This does not remove the insurance provided by the USASA with registration.

Download the Release Form

Schedule Requests

As always, we will try to work with any team to accommodate change requests. To help facilitate change requests, first contact your opponent at least 2 weeks out and see what you can work out. Look at the schedule and offer a few dates and times that could work. Do not forget that Fridays and Saturdays are options. Then contact Tim at (timmybarron44 [at} with the other team captain copied on the message. Once I get confirmation that both captains agree to change, we will work to find a field, a time slot, and a ref crew that meets the suggestions. If that is not possible, the original game will be played as scheduled. If there are last minute requests, we will try to accommodate them but please don’t wait until the week of the game to start the process.

The number of scheduling requests have dramatically increased and there are many conflicting requests that could not be accommodated. We try to spread the less desirable game times fairly but we know that a few of you will have some complaints. If there are any complaints, please address them by offering a potential solution, and not just demanding that we reschedule a game. If you need to switch time slots on a game day, please try to contact the two captains of the teams in a time slot you desire. In rare circumstances (due to weather and not requests) the league president, vice president, and scheduler can make an executive decision and move game time slots around.

And lastly, please include your team name and a phone number on all requests.

Roster Management

At the beginning of the Fall Season (or if a team joins in the Spring), the team is required to register all players and the team through the state, which in turn registers the team as a USSF team. Teams will receive rosters and player cards that must be presented at each match for the team to be able to play. There are no set roster templates or transfer forms anymore for the league. The registrar will work with you to get the player cards and roster in a timely manner and often works faster than the deadlines given. However, from time to time, the registrar reserves the right to fall back on the following deadlines. Please keep in mind that the registrar is not waiting by the phone 24/7 to serve the interests of your team. When adding additional players to your team during the season, player registration must be done online and money must be turned into the registrar by:

  • Thursday 9 am to be eligible for the following Sunday match
  • Thursday 9 am to be eligible for the following Monday match
  • Monday 9 am to be eligible for the following Wednesday match

Payment is due at the time of the registration request. We will not print cards unless money has been received. You may drop off payment at Registrar’s house (box on front porch), or mail a check.

We are also accepting payments through the CASH app on smartphones, but with these rules:

  •     Initial payments in the Fall season MUST be paid by check/money order/cash. NO CASH APP PAYMENTS.

After the initial large payment, you may pay  for any additions through the Cash app, but due to fees we incur, you must add $1 to every card, no matter how many     cards you are paying for. So new additions are $23, transfers/replacements are $6. 

The Cash app is very simple, you just attach a debit card to your account, and money is sent immediately. The HASL account is $JackieRNoffke

Jackie receives notifications on her phone and email immediately when a payment is made, so no need to let her know. Just be sure to type in the TEAM NAME in the notes section.

This helps when someone besides the captain pays.

 Please note that NO EXCEPTIONS will be made concerning money. So please don’t ask.

If you need to contact the Huntsville Registrar (Jackie Noffke), you can reach her by email
at jrnoffke[at] or by text at 256.585.0296. Please do not call her repeatedly- she will get back to you when she can.

Jackie will only be working on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS. If a submission and payment have been received by 9am on those days she will register the player(s). On occasion, she may not work until the next day, but the deadlines remain the same.

YOU MUST PRINT A GAME DAY ROSTER BEFORE YOU SUBMIT A NEW PLAYER. Once you submit a new player your team is “deactive”- and you won’t be able to print the Game Day Roster. So unless you have a credit or have already paid for your submission, do not submit a new player until you have your next Game Day Roster printed!!!!



Rosters are to be compiled by the captain online at the beginning of each season using the HASL online system. Contact the league if you do not have login information for your team.  In the fall season all players are considered new. Once you have submitted your roster, the registrar (jrnoffke[at] will register your team with the state, and email your state roster and your player cards. She will require all funds up front before registering these items.

Player cards are emailed by the registrar after payment has been received. There is a drop box at the registrar’s house where money can be dropped off.  All cards must  include a picture, and must be laminated. Typically a captain can gather digital photographs, print them out himself, and buy the lamination cards from any office supply store and do this at practice prior to the first game. Player cards are $22 and are good for the Fall and Spring season. Replacement cards are $5.

Captains should use the HASL online roster for game day roster printing. The state roster the registrar gives you should be tucked away for safe keeping. You will be notified by the HASL system when your roster is available for printing. Please check your roster for any discrepancies.

New Players

You can add players on your roster up to the maximum of 25 during any one season. If a player is not on an existing HASL team, his card will be $22. Please submit the player’s information online. Be sure to press ‘submit’ when making any changes to your roster.


Players may transfer between teams during the first half of a season or prior to the start of a season. The league will declare a midpoint of the season after which a player will have to wait until the end of the season before a transfer can take place. Transfers are now handled online via the hasl website. The captain of the team the player is transferring to must obtain a release from the captain of the team the player is leaving. This is more of a courtesy, but a release can be blocked by a captain if the player never paid his team dues. The league reserves the right to step in to solve a dispute. Transfers are $5.

Dropping Players

Players can only be dropped from your roster up until the midpoint of the current season or in between seasons. Dropping players must be done online.

Fees And Address

Write a check, payable to Huntsville Adult Soccer League (or HASL), for a total of the
following amounts.

  • $22 per player fee (paid once per year)
  • $5 transfer fee per player transferring with the exception of players transferring
    between the Spring and Fall seasons
  • $5 for replacement of lost or damaged cards

You can mail your check to:
ASA – Huntsville Registrar
Jackie Noffke
14011 Randamere Drive SE
HSV, AL 35803